5 Steps to Getting to Know God/dess Through Lovemaking

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Are you ready for the next step in lovemaking? There is getting turned on… and then there is getting the full fireworks going! If you’re just after getting wet/hard and having and orgasm, this article isn’t for you. There is a different beginning, middle and end to sacred (tantric) love-making. It’s optional to be fully present when you have sex but in Tantra or Sacred Sexuality full embodiment of the Soul is what brings about sacred union and allows you to experience the divinity of your partner.

So how can you become fully present and start experiencing the full presence of your Beloved? How do you embody God/dess and SEE God/dess in the Other? In essence, how do experience the bliss of sacred union which by far transcends a normal orgasm?

1. Slow down. Use your breath to slow right down. As you get turned on, the normal physiological…

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Catnip Repels Mosquitoes More Effectively Than DEET


This is an interesting post.

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But There Is Just One Bad Side Effect


Researchers report that nepetalactone, the essential oil in catnip that gives the plant its characteristic odor, is about ten times more effective at repelling mosquitoes than DEET — the compound used in most commercial insect repellents.

The finding was reported at the 222nd national meeting of the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society, by the same Iowa State University research group that two years ago discovered that catnip also repels cockroaches.

Entomologist Chris Peterson, Ph.D., with Joel Coats, Ph.D., chair of the university’s entomology department, led the effort to test catnip’s ability to repel mosquitoes. Peterson, a former post-doctoral research associate at the school, is now with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Wood Products Insects Research Unit, in Starkville, Miss.

While they used so-called yellow fever mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) — one of several species of mosquitoes found in…

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How Jobcentres bully the disabled and set up fake JSA sanctions

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Originally published as ‘Revealed: Inhumane Treatment Of Disabled And Poor By UK’s Department For Work And Pension’ on Mint Press News on 9/10/14.

Photo credit: Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty / Flickr

Photo credit: Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty / Flickr

The Department for Work and Pension’s unfair treatment of disabled claimants has been widely reported. There was the ex-RAF serviceman who was found fit to work even though he has to carry around a machine attached to his heart, or die in 15 seconds. There was the blind woman who was asked “How many fingers am I holding up?” by an Atos assessor before her Employment and Support Allowance benefits were stopped and she was put on Jobseeker’s Allowance. Most recently, a man with brain damage and uncontrollable epilepsy killed himself after being ordered to take part in mandatory work activities.

But the DWP’s treatment of disabled people on Job Seeker’s Allowance is hardly better than its treatment of…

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Polish Number Station Stereosound Oddity

Hello everyone

I don’t often talk about this on here, but this is the only blog platform I can upload the audio I am referring to.

I have a slightly unusual interest in number stations.  These are stations used by government spy agencies to contact their spies.  I could go on all day about Number Stations.  Anyways, I noticed a rather interesting phenomena and I know the Polish Spy Agency has two channels for their two voice stations – E11 or E11a, and the slavic station S11a.  So I thought I would put this out into the open to see what you guys think.  Fellow number station enthusiasts, would this be due to these two channels or something else?

Exhibit 1:

E11, 1155 UTC or 1255 BST.  Frequency is 15915 KHz on the 15th October 2014.  (The audio starts at about 00:38)

First occurrence of this

Exhibit 2:

E11.  0315 UTC or 0415 BST.  Frequency is 7850 KHz on the 16th Octoner 2014.  It is behind the Canadian Time signal.

Second time, with the time Canadian Time Signal

Exhibit 3:

E11.  1155 UTC or 1255 BST.  Frequency is 15915 KHz on the same day as the second recording.

Last recording

Do we have something new, or a naughty Polish operator opening up two channels, it has done this wierd double broadcast, but this was entire broadcast.

Let me know what you think.

Numberstationsgal or on the websdr I Heart XPA

Louise Hay is a dangerous quack

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I often get “hits” on this site from people searching for information relating to Louise Hay. One of the most frequently viewed posts is one  about her teachings — that you can heal all diseases by using affirmations. 

The post asks why Louise Hay decided to have numerous surgical face lifts, rather than using her own teachings. If affirmations cured her cancer (where medical science failed), then surely her affirmations can also get rid of a few wrinkles — or, better still, help her to accept herself and her aging processes. 

But it seems it’s only her customers who have the honor of testing out her miracle cures. And there’s no evidence that she even had cancer in the first place, let alone cure it.

Since I wrote that post, a slow but regular stream of Hay’s fans have commented, repeatedly claiming that “Louise Hay does NOT claim to have…

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Some insights into the Ebola Vaccine. Not good be educated.

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Source: Jim Stone Freelance
Thanks to G.


A NOTE TO THE SHILLS: What will happen if you end up with these things inside you? These are NOT Iphones, WANNA SHILL THIS? ARE YOU SURE YOUR ISRAELI LAB GOT THIS RIGHT AND THESE WILL NEVER GET INTO YOU?

With only 183K of super efficient DNA code, viral nanobots were released into the wild via vaccinations on September 22 2007 and are being peddled as a natural variant of the T4 bacteriophage. But this report PROVES THESE NANOBOT PHAGES ARE NOT NATURAL, AND WERE INSTEAD CREATED BY ISRAEL. These nanobots invade host organisms or cells and insert DNA that causes the host make more nanobots until the host organisms or cells die from overexertion producing them. THESE ARE LIKELY TO BE IN THE PAPALOMA VACCINE, FLU SHOTS…

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Frustration with the job / PhD search


It is not often I speak about this with people, but, I feel I will give this a go anyway to see what comes out of it.


I am a recently turned 35 year old BSc (no honours) and MSc graduate (gained in 2012).  I am applying for jobs and PhDs in neurochemistry as well.  My specialist field is in endocannabinoids and / or malaria.  (Using endocannabinoids in the treatment for malaria is up my street.)  I have been unemployed in the guts of 4 years now and I am finding I am getting more rejection letters than interviews and have had some bouts of depression.

Discrimination for having Dyspraxia and long term unemployment, in one go.

Reading the following blogs:

The Unemployment Bias: The Long-term Unemployed Face Severe Discrimination


Why long-term unemployment matters

It seems that if you have been in the unemployment job market for over 6 months, employers don’t want to look at you.

On top of that I have this:

Don’t bother applying for a job without a 2:1

I was doing my degree and had to resit a module, which I had some difficulty with, which was related to my dyspraxia and my university had shut down my degree before completing my honours degree.

So I ended up with a BSc Applied Chemistry.

Fast forward to 2011, which included a PG Cert Chemical Sciences in the middle of it.  And I finished off my MSc in Sciences (I did social science and molecules in medicine), and I thought it would compensate for the not having an honours.  As it was shut down.

But no, I still needed the honours degree for a job, although I got rejected from a PhD for having no lab experience, which was in my PG Cert as I did my endocannabinoid project.


Not only have I had that to deal with, I have had the incredible ignorance and discrimination which still exists with dyspraxia.

Link on what dyspraxia is

I have seen numerous forums and pages with fellow dyspraxics saying the same thing, they are not getting enough recognition for what dyspraxia is, everyone pretty knows what dyslexia is, once I had an exam paper with “dyslexic student” stamped on it.  I kid you not.

Dyspraxia effects quite a lot of your everyday life, you can’t do things people take for granted like driving  a car – I myself can’t drive, problems with directions like left and right, push and pull – I have had some comments from people standing behind me when I get it the wrong way, just being able to “read” people as well as neurotypical people.  That comes under non verbal communication, for more information, click me.  I still often count on my fingers!!

If you read the link about what dyspraxia is and how it effects us, it is little wonder why we can struggle to function in today’s society.  Which seems to become much more competitive by the day.  I was diagnosed as an adult when I was 22, I had people say they thought there was something wrong with me before and I had some bullying when I was a kid, interestingly those people when I told them that I had a diagnosis for this, they were like, “oh sorry!”.

I am going to cut this short before I go on and on.  Saves me talking – I get tongue tied and just can’t get the words out.  Dyspraxics like myself deserve to be acknowledged for having what we have and it is true what people say about if it is a seen disability like being in a wheelchair or crutches, or hearing aids – you guys get help and recognition.  Heck, even people with dyslexia get more recognition than we do, I must sound like a broken record the amount of times I have mentioned what it is.

There has been days where I have said to myself that I wish I was never born with this!  (I was born with this curse and I will die with it!),  gifted to some people, seemingly like a leaper to employers or even worse!

I just want to be in a research environment!  Slower and something I am content with!  So if any researchers wanting a dedicated scientist and willing to give me a change, give me an Email in the comments and I can see it and get some privacy.

Better say cheerio!


P.S.  Currently at the moment, I am looking to get credit transfer  with the OU to gain my honours.  I have not had an honours year for funding, so any Scottish universities, (bar one – who they know they are!) willing to have me as an honours year student or to give me an internship in the lab – please give me a buzz in the comments.