The electronics of vibrational medicine

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In the past blogs, I have been speaking about chakras and how they are used in medicine.  This blog shall be about the applications which links to the now published blog on homeopathy.

In the first chakra blog I mentioned about the electronics of the colours and shown you this wheel, or one similar –

λ absorbed versus color observed
400 nm Violet absorbed, Green-yellow observed (λ 560 nm)
450 nm Blue absorbed, Yellow observed (λ 600 nm)
490 nm Blue-green absorbed, Red observed (λ 620 nm)
570 nm Yellow-green absorbed, Violet observed (λ 410 nm)
580 nm Yellow absorbed, Dark blue observed (λ 430 nm)
600 nm Orange absorbed, Blue observed (λ 450 nm)
650 nm Red absorbed, Green observed (λ 520 nm)

What do we mean by electronics?

In electromagnetism of light, white light gets split into the wavelengths as shown above.

Taken from:

As we can see, the light splits into the different wavelengths, which if we convert into the human body’s auric fields, we can envision the colours being the different electronic frequencies the nerves are working at.

Vibrational healing can be defined as the following, taken from, “Thorson’s Principles of Vibrational Healing, by Clare G. Harvey and Amanda Cochrane.”

Vibrational healing is based on the notion that the body emits energies or wave forms in a certain frequency range.  This harmonious interplay of these frequencies creates patterns or fields of energy that are unique to each person:  each individual has their own vibrational blueprint.

When there is issues in the human psyche, there is a noticeable change to the emotion of the person during this time.  The emotions are causing the blueprint to alter in the frequency in which it is working.  So the knock on effect is that the person feels negative emotions like crying, depression etc or they often have a disease (“dis – ease”) to people.

However, these issues can also come via outside influences like pollution from cars and household chemicals, EM or electromagnetic pollution – computers, flourescent lighting, as well as for medical or industry related pollutants like industrial chemicals like IMS (industrial Methylated Spirits), DCM (Dichloromethane), Chloroform etc.  I would not expect a house to have solvents like chloroform etc.  And a big one and perhaps topical due to the recent Fukushima Daiichi incident in Japan is electromagnetic radiation or ionising radiation to give it the proper title.

The best thing about the pollution issues is that it can be helped via the use of these vibrational essences.  The mechanism of use will be explained further in the blog post.

How to get the energetic body / bodies back on an even keel.

As we found out on the posts above, the body of a person has their own energetic blueprint.  The method of vibrational alignment can come via crystals, light, sound – a fascinating topic for further investigation and well-known about in Eastern philosophies, and various flower essences to name a few.

Resonance is another “buzz word” which is relating to this very important as it is a method of how a spirit entity or an object comes into your consciousness and it is of your own “wavelength”.  You will vibrate in response to the entity / object which is now in the consciousness of the person.

In the principle of vibrational healing and the use of resonance, the crystal or whatever is being used, the vibrations from that will begin to say to your body, “you are in need of some help, well, here it is.  This may feel uncomfortable.”  In which they are interacting with the blueprint and bringing it back to what it was before the ‘assault.’  The best way to think of it is the recharging of a fuel cell or battery after it has been flooded or shortened using the right energy / frequency for the battery.

The wavelengths of light and the aura colours – clues on how the body works?

As explained before, white light can be split through a prism and have its own individual colours and we have seen that the electronic blueprint of the body can realign itself.  So how does it go together? read further and you will be educated and amazing and slightly, “they should have told us at school this!.”

The Aura

Taken from:

The pictures are showing the colours of that person’s electronic frequency at that given and if you scroll to the top of the blog post, the colours relate to a given light frequency, like green is about 530 nm (nanometres) and red is about 680 nm.  How about we relate this to how the nerves work? Has anyone asked these people on how they feel?  If we know a wavelength of a person, what about its psychical manifestations?

An excellent example of seeing this in operation in real life is the use of crystal essences and the actual crystals themselves.  Using the crystals themselves would be an interesting one to look at as they are as shown below:

Taken from:

Even as they have other essences, there seems to be a correlation between the colour (wavelength) and the chakra.  Is there information about the energy in the activation of these chakras.  For the Solar Plexus chakra ( a yellow one in colour), its wavelength is about 570 nm, it would appear to spin at around that speed.  Is there any studies on how fast the chakras actually do spin – both Eastern and spiritual chakras?


This appears to be the nitty-gritty of the whole blog, the crystal’s colour and chakra association.

An Amethyst crystal, taken from – Copyright of Gemstone Universe.

As we can see, the crystal is a purple colour – which is at the wavelength of 410 nm.  The colour purple is associated with the 3rd eye chakra, violet is the crown chakra and has more blue in it, (so it’s wavelength would be closer to the 480 nm of blue.

The chart below is taken from the same book as mentioned above and it is going through some gemstones, their colours and properties.

Gemstone properties and effects on the body



Works on the crown, solar plexus and hara chakras.  On the subtle anatomy, it works on the mental body and transmutes negative emotions.  Spiritually, it transforms spiritual desires into reality as well as spiritualised intellect and unconditional love.  It is used for the nervous system and the brain and the thyroid and it also soothes nerves and viral inflammation.



Works on the crown and 3rd eye chakras.  On the subtle anatomy it works on the spiritual, mental and emotional bodies.  It spiritualises meditation and its use is to boost metabolism, immune and endocrine systems and for issues relating to the brain and nervous system – mental imbalances and migraines are examples.



Works on all chakras.  It cleanses all subtle bodies, aligns the physical and etheric and it gets rid of negative energy by drawing it out.  Is the master healer, enhances spiritual unity and purity and it is the king crystal.  It is used to adjust cranial plates and for brain imbalance and disease.


goldWorks on the heart, the solar plexus and the crown chakra.  It is a dream stone for inner vision, stores and amplifies information and releases past life knowledge.  It used for universal healing and also for reduces stress and balances the personality.


150_new-jade-crystal-massage-wandWorks on all the chakras.  This crystal acts on the causal, spiritual and astral bodies.  It is a Mayan stone for dream solving, gaining access to spiritual worlds and spiritual learning,and, it also promotes wisdom.  It is used for balancing the spleen, kidneys and circulation and for female fertility and eye issues.

Lapis lazuli

150-PS32_palm_stone_lapis_lazuliThis crystal works on the 3rd eye & throat chakras.  This stone is a cleansing stone for the mental, etheric and spiritual bodies.  This is a stone which is an excellent deep soul experiences and awareness, it also releases tension and it also promotes mental clarity and strength.  This stone stimulates the lymphatic system and the thymus, also for tonsilitis, bronchitis  & Hodgkin’s disease.


150_moonstone-healing-crystal_2This stone works on the heart and the solar plexus chakras.  It is a stone which works on the emotional & astral bodies.  Spiritually, this is the lunar stone and therefore it works on understanding your destiny, enhances intuition – (what lunar energies are famous for) and finally for new beginnings.  It is used for gynecological issues which includes pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and fertility problems – (lunar energies are the embodiment of the feminine) and also for emotional stress, insomnia, digestive issues and intestinal issues, examples are ulcers and oedema (fluid retention).

Clear / Ice Quartz


This stone works on all the chakras.  It dissipates negative emotions from the etheric and emotional bodies.  This stone is excellent for receiving, storing and transmitting energy, it can also amplifies thoughts, used for affirmations and work involved in programming, meditations and finally communication ‘within ourselves’.  It is a good stone to used for fevers, blood problems and kidney disease.

Rose Quartz


This stone is famous for its effects on  the heart chakra.  It works on the emotional, astral and mental bodies.  Know widely as “the stone of love”, it makes you receptive and attuned to spiritual love, it heals wounds from childhood and is also for confidence and creativity.  It is used for circulation and issues of the heart as well as the kidneys (which affects blood pressure), and male fertility issues.



This isn’t a crystal like gold, but, it does have an effect on the electromagnetic bodies.  It has an effect on all the chakras.  Good for the astral and etheric bodies, (it is linked with lunar energies).  It is used for a soul mirror, encourages the purpose to life and it enhances the lunar energies in general.  It helps in brain ailments like autism, dyslexia, epilepsy, coordination, visual problems are helps to balance the right and right hemispheres of the brain.

And finally in this list, which is by no means exhaustive.



This stone is also for all chakras too.  This is an unusual stone as it not only works on all the subtle bodies of a perhaps it can also strengthen the bodies’ meridians.  This stone is a master healer, can help in spiritual attunement and can protect against negativity and radiation.  This stone is excellent for clearing congestion & mucous, anorexia, bulimia, enhances tissue regeneration and nutrient absorption.

What is all this about spin you keep talking about?

As we are talking about crystals, there is some in chemistry known as the “Crystal Field Stabilisation Energy”, and can be defined by the following:

The crystal field stabilization energy (CFSE) is the stability that results from placing a transition metal ion in the crystal field generated by a set of ligands. It arises due to the fact that when the d-orbitals are split in a ligand field (as described above), some of them become lower in energy than before with respect to a spherical field known as the barycenter in which all five d-orbitals are degenerate. For example, in an octahedral case, the t2g set becomes lower in energy than the orbitals in the barycenter. As a result of this, if there are any electrons occupying these orbitals, the metal ion is more stable in the ligand field relative to the barycenter by an amount known as the CFSE. Conversely, the eg orbitals (in the octahedral case) are higher in energy than in the barycenter, so putting electrons in these reduces the amount of CFSE.

Taken from Wikipedia as there does not seem to have a clear enough explanation on the website.  (Although, anyone else who does have a good one from a chemistry lecture course or website, use the comment box below.)

Also there are CFSE for tetrahedron, but, they are switched the other way, when we go onto the spin diagrams, as will be in the next paragraph.


High Spin / Low Spin?

To finish off this blog on the electronics of vibrational healing, there is much more techniques to be used for it, but, the crystals are of particular importance as they directly interact and we can see the structure of the crystal (s).  Know the composition of the crystal will help in explaining the following to you.

High Spin

Not all the energy levels are filled, in fact, there are some paired electrons in the levels as shown above.  This brings about this being referred to as a diamagnetic compound.  The crystal is having an affect that is had a magnetic effect which is opposite to the direction it is coming from, as we can see in the middle diagram below.

diamagnetic mats

There is also a 3rd main one called Ferromagnetic, although not seen in the CFSE, it is unique only to substances known to contain Iron – hence the “Ferro” in the name.  I know there are crystals like Pyrite which are composed of Crystals.


A sample of Iron Pyrite. Although it can be found in cube like form.

The way the ferromagnetic substances react to magnet is as shown below:

How cool is that?

Issues with this method of understanding the crystal field theory

Sadly, there are issues with this method of calculating, although very good.  The issues lie in negative ions beside positive ions – an example of thus is chloride which is also known as an anion, negative ions are also termed cations!.  If the charge of the negative ion is strong enough, it can not be deemed as a single charge.

The best method is perhaps the ionic approach when you are dealing with very cationic and anionic materials.  This is however referred to in the Ligand Field Theory, if you are guided towards looking at this, you can use your generic search engines etc for learning more about it.

So when you are next thinking about colours and crystals, there is a science behind them and it seems to be largely untapped into.

I hope you enjoyed reading this long blog, I hope you find it as fascinating as I wrote it.


Thorson’s Principles of Vibrational Healing by Clare G. Harvey & Amanda Cochrane.

Oxford Chemistry Primers:  d-block chemistry by Mark J, Winter.

Amethyst Crystal taken from Wikipedia

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