Chakras and Colour Healing – Spiritual Chakras.


In the last blog post it was all about the 7 main eastern chakras.  This blog is about the lesser known but equally as important spiritual chakras.

There is where the different colours come into play.  Unfortunately with the mass appeal with the normal 7 chakra eastern system, all the information which will be in this blog will be from the book, “Take charge of your life” by the much loved and informative author Patricia Diane Cota-Robles.

pattiAs taken from:

This system has also the 7 rays, but it is slightly different.  The different colours of the rays are as follows:

  • 1st ray – Blue
  • 2nd ray – yellow
  • 3rd ray – pink
  • 4th ray – crystal white
  • 5th ray – green
  • 6th ray – gold and ruby
  • 7th – violet

So we know from the above that the rays have a certain property of attribute associated with them.  In the other chakra post, I mentioned about the different colours and something the shading within the colours,  being associated with the  wavelength the person is emitting at.

A point which I feel needs to addressed is the fact the locations of the spiritual chakras at alternative locations of the eastern chakras which we all know and love.  However, there are a few spiritual chakras which come through the same locations as the eastern chakras.   PLEASE PLEASE be aware of this when working with the energies of the 2 chakra systems.

Interestingly, in this aspect, the spiritual chakras can also vary in their shades as well and further information will be posted below.


The 1st Ray

This ray is a blue which ranges from vivid sapphire blues to soft powder blues.  Qualities of this ray are:

God’s Will

Illuminated Faith




 This ray is located at the throat chakra (the same location as in the eastern chakras),  People who are attuned to this ray a “First Ray Person.”

People who serve this ray to be found in government leaders, rulers and executives.  In the undeveloped person, they are found to have aggressive human will and also to be dominant.

cit_parcel_exThe 2nd Ray

This ray is known as the sunshine yellow ray.  The qualities of this ray are:





Mind Force

This chakra is located at the crown chakra and if you are attuned to this ray, you are “Second Ray Person.”

If you are attuned to this ray, you will be most likely a teacher or student.  if you are not attuned to this ray, you will manifest accretion of world knowledge and intellectual arrogance.


The 3rd Ray

This ray is pink and the colours range from the palest pink to the deepest rose.  The qualities of this ray are:


Divine Love


The chakra is located at the heart chakra.  If you are attuned to this ray, you are a “Third Ray Person.”

The people who are developed in this ray are to be found in occupations such as peacemakers, humanitarians  and arbitrators.  In a less developed person, it manifests as lust, licentiousness, (lacking moral discipline in sexual affairs) and selfish people.

8746525-white-crystal-on-black-backgroundThe 4th Ray

The ray is a crystal white colour.  The ray has qualities of:







Artistic Development

This ray is located at the root chakra at the base of the spine.  People who are particularly attuned to this ray are known as  “Fourth Ray people.”

People who serve this ray tend to be found as artists and musicians.  In a developed person, this ray manifests as artistic development, in an undeveloped person, it manifests as bohemianism or unconventional behaviour.  Particular details in the extremes of this ray are to be located in the music world in particular.

dep_2440806-Dark-green-gemstone-isolated-on-whiteThe 5th Ray

The 5th ray is green and comes in shades from deep cypress/emerald to pastel mints or sea breeze.  This ray’s qualities are:




Inner Vision


Scientific Development.

This ray is located at the 3rd eye chakra.  People who resonate strongly with this ray are said to be “Fifth Ray People.”

People who resonate with this ray are inventors, scientists and doctors.  When not resonating with this ray, the person is likely to manifest atheist tendencies and also agnostic tendencies.

ruby red colourThe 6th Ray

This ray is ruby gold and the shades range from deep ruby to a pale gold, however, any combination of these two colours can occur, which include orange or peach.  The ray has qualities of:




Devotional Worship

The ray is located at the Solar  Plexus Chakra.  If one is particularity attuned to this ray, you are said to be a “Sixth Ray person.”

Those who serve this ray are tend to be spiritual healers, priests, ministers, rabbis and healers.  When the person is developed in this ray, the show devotional worship, in the undeveloped people it is religious fanaticism and zealous inclinations.

violet chakraThe 7th Ray

This ray is violet and the shades range from a deep royal purple to pale lavender.  This ray has the qualities of:







Ordered Service

This ray is located in the mid- abdomen.  If one is particularly attuned to this ray, they are a “Seventh Ray person”.

Those who serve this ray tend to be found in vocations such as adepts, diplomats, humanitarians and mystics.  When the person is developed with ray, they tend to manifest as ordered service, culture and spiritual teachers.  However, if the person is undeveloped, they become prejudice, snobs and prudish.

And concludes about the 7 spiritual chakras, I know it will be confusing for a start until you get to know them.

Kind regards



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