Oracle of Shadows & Light Review

Hello I am going to do some card reviews as I am working with them.  I am going to do one using the deck I am currently using at the moment.  Oracle of Shadows & Light by Lucy Cavendish with Jasmine Beckett – Griffith as the artist.


I am aware there is two versions of this deck out at the moment, I have the 1st edition, the Australian edition.  And I purchased my copy from Australia.

I love the card stock of this deck, they are nice and sturdy and I know I say this for all reviews I have done on this deck, from the one and the one hopefully now up on Aclectic Tarot.  I have noticed with the decks I have, The Wild Wisdom of the Faery, Oracle of the Shapeshifters and this one, all have the similar kind of card stock to Doreen Virtues, so I am wondering if both companies, (Blue Angel & Hay House) use the same printers.

I am in the middle of a 2 week stint using this deck and I am loving the accuracy using this deck!  I have done some one card reads for people and they have been stop on.  An an eclectic witch, we are the ones who are most subjected to the whole “shadows and light” balance.  This deck has dark  cards like “Angel de los Muertos” – Angel of the dead and “Faceless Ghosts and the Haunted Girl” to the lighter cards of “Candy Cane Angel” and “The Mend – a Broken – Heart Fairy.”

There are 45 cards in the deck and a 126 guide book packed with information on the different beings which we will encounter in the deck.  Samples of cards are below.

Angel de los Muertos   The card on the left is Angel de los Muertos.  Which is one of the darker cards of the deck as it is associated with passer over to the summerlands.

Candy Cane Angel

The “sweeter” card s the Candy Cane Angel, which just shows the different energies of the deck.


  • This deck is lovely to read with.
  • The art is amazing.
  • You feel a tangible connection with the deck.


  • This version of the deck will be getting harder to get than the newer US version.
  • Cards maybe a bit too big for little hands, (like mine).  Just I shuffled them top – bottom rather than side to side.
  • Cards are incline to stick together sometimes.

All in all this deck is truly lovely deck to use when giving readings and when giving out not so hot news.  I would recommend getting this gorgeous deck!

I trust you enjoyed reading this review, the next one will be on the newest deck from Doreen Virtue – the Angel Dreams deck.

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