Review of Healing Energy Cards (2nd Edition)

This is the 2nd deck from the wonderful artist Lee – Anne Peters.  This is also a unique deck where you can do various things with the deck like placing cards on body bits to heal, reading with the deck and / or conduct a healing session with this deck.

healing energy cards

This card is quite a special deck and I know I will soon be using this deck for a weekly read, I personally have cards 40 and 44 under my pillow at the moment.  There is in particular one card which seems to draw me.


There is an interesting story to this particular card in the book – which you can purchase and download from  I feel to get the full effect of how to use these cards, the ebook needs to be purchased until you get to know how to use the deck.

Also, this deck has a mixture of spirit guides and more drawings than animals this time round, but it doesn’t take away from the energy of this deck.


One of my favourite cards of the deck, I just seem to be drawn to this card.  But, all the cards are equally lovely.


  • Amazing and unique cards which heal.
  • Amazing artwork.
  • Accurate readings.


  • Card size may be an issue with people with little hands!.
  • You may not get much done as you will be busy looking at the artwork.

I recommend this deck also, if you are into flower essences as you can use the decks for the energies, so to complete your collection, this deck is essential for your tool kit.

Love love love this deck



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