Review of Oracle of the Shapeshifters


It is time to review a wonderful deck which I have just finished a 2 week reading.


This is the original deck, as there is a new edition coming out any day now.  Again, like the Oracle of Shadows & Light, we have Jasmine Becket – Griffith as the artist.

The deck is the same size as the other oracles Lucy has out by this publisher and the art is very beautiful and again, we have anything from fairies to angels in this deck.  But, rather interestingly, we have animals in EVERY card, which I think is interesting and I adore the card which is on the cover which is the Wolf Moon.  other cards are as below:

The Delicate Faery And Her Ferret

This card is an interesting card and to date, I haven’t pulled this card but I am drawn to this card as well as the next one.

Wolves Of Venice

I have also recently discovered that I have a wolf as my animal guide, and I haven’t pulled this card in a reading, yet I love it.


  • This deck has wonderful art.
  • The cards are VERY accurate.
  • The energy off this deck is amazing.


  • Size of cards can make it hard to shuffle.

I honestly can’t think of another con as I love this deck to smithereens.

I would recommend this deck as a stable to read with and I think should be in everyone’s collections are it is not your run of the mill deck.

I have 3 more Lucy Cavendish decks to review, Oracle of the dragonfae, Wild Wisdom of the Faery and the brand new one, Oracle of the Mermaids.

Until next time!



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