Review of Temple of Balance oracle


This is the review of the wonderful Temple of Balance Oracle cards by Lee – Anne Peters.


This deck is one of two decks currently self published by Lee – Anne and the deck artwork is wonderful.

The readings are accurate and to the point and there are affirmations with the cards in the guide book supplied with the deck.  The cards are as this picture and are laminated.

There are both spirit guides and animals in this deck and I will show a couple of examples of this.


Lady Isa is a lovely card and one of my favourites to come out of the deck.  There are a few other people guides in this deck.  I just love this art.


Wolf came out.


  • Beautiful artwork.
  • Accurate cards.
  • Unique cards.


  • You may take a while in doing readings whilst you are busy looking at the art!

I just love this deck as it is a bit of a unique one.  If you are interested in purchasing this deck, you can do it via my website at and look for the Temple of Balance Publishing tab, or, you can go to Lee- Anne’s website.

Again, this is another must have deck for the sheer uniqueness of the animal and people guides present in this deck.

I am about to do the review for Lee – Anne’s second deck, so keep your eyes peeled.

Blessings and love.



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