Review of the Enchanted Oracle

This deck is by Barbara Moore with art by Jessica Galbreth and this has somewhat started my fairy adoration.


This deck is stunning and is a pure joy to work with, it has a good thick book stuffed with things you can do with the fairy pendent obtained with the oracle and general magic things with the deck.

The cards are so stunning, I can’t show you the cards, but I will show you the artwork of the deck, using a couple of my favourite pictures which I LOVEEEEEEEEE.

Lavender Moon

This picture is stunning as I adore the colours in this picture.


This really should be my avatar as I am named for the purposes of my reading after a Welsh goddess, Arianrhod,  and this card just speaks to me.


  • Artwork is STUNNING.
  • The readings are accurate.


  • I found to learn the meanings of the cards, you have to look at the meanings in the deck.
  • The meanings can sometimes be a bit long winded.
  • The card stock isn’t the best as the cards are not laminated.

This deck is another must have if you are into fairies, I know a lot of reviews I have seen have been a bit errr with the deck.  But I have used the deck in readings and still get all gushy with this deck.




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