Review of Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle


Now it is time for a review of the first Lucy Cavendish oracle I purchased.

Wild wisdom of the faery

The guidebook is like a proper book in this deck, it is amazing!

This is 1st all card artwork of the collaboration between Lucy Cavendish and the amazing artist Selina Fenech, (pronounced Fenek).  This amazing duo have recently just released another deck called Oracle of the Mermaids.  Which I am currently awaiting receipt of.

I loved this deck the moment I seen it and it is quite a big box, compared to the other LC decks, and the cards are in a little dip underneath the book.  Which is an utterly fantastic and informative read.  A couple of the cards are as shown below:

Follow Me

This card is also the cover of the deck and is amazing.


This card is the same design of the wallpaper currently on my laptop at the moment.

The card deck can be read upright and reversed,  if you are a seasoned Tarot reader, that will be no issue for you.  There is something also which is a bit of an amazing touch to this stunning deck, and that is what is on the back of the deck and thanks to Kate –  The Daily Tarot Girl’s blog for having a picture showing this amazing and quite simply put sweet little detail on the back of the cards.

That is a Faery pentagram on the back of the deck.

That is a Faery pentagram on the back of the deck.

As I mentioned, that is such an amazing detail to this already amazing deck.


  • The readings are accurate.
  • The fact there are upright and reversed readings to this deck makes it feel almost like a tarot deck.  A nice little go between deck as not a lot of oracle decks I know of have this!.
  • The artwork is fantastic and brings out the energy of this amazing deck.


  • When you first purchase this deck as new, you will find the cards are stuck together.  To unstuck the cards, press the middle of the cards and you hear like a strange noise like ripping (it is OK!) and that is the cards separating out.
  • The design of the box and size of the guidebook.  I know many may have this with the deck.  There could be a chance that the way the box closes could occidentally harm the guidebook by cutting into it.

As I said, that last con has me a bit concerned for the longevity of this amazing and quite simple beautiful deck.

Can I say a BIGGGGGG thank you to Lucy and Selina for this breathtaking deck.  I felt guided to purchase this stunner of a deck and I am glad to get it.  I would also love this to be part of EVERY fairy lovers oracle collection.

Two more Lucy Cavendish decks to review once I get them

Love and blessings



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