The psyche: a land of many maps

This is an interesting post and I ♥ neuropsychology.

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

I delight in considering the human psyche and the human experience in general from as many different perspectives as possible. I find that lack of attachment or belief to the different systems is rather essential. I find developing this skill has allowed me to speak with far many more individuals about their personal experience than would be possible otherwise. I think it would be lovely if this was a skill that was taught to most, if not all, mental health workers.

I shared the below two brief thoughts first on Facebook the other day. Here and here.

Cupid-and-PsycheThe psyche: a land of many maps…every mythology, religion and personal story speaks to it…

I’m multi-lingual in things of the psyche…that seems to confuse some people with some frequency…

Posts and collections of posts that deal with the psyche from different frameworks:

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