Review of Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards


This is  a review of the deck by Rev. Frances Munro.

Woodland Wisdom oracle

I was attracted to this deck initially as, yes, they have fairies in them and the art to them is excellent, but as I live on what was a wood, this is applicable for my energy.

This deck is an usual deck as you have your working cards and your power cards.

Lily Fairy

This is a “normal” card of this deck.

Fairy Princess of Summer Flowers

This is an example of the “power” card.  This card is used as a back up to the main deck and offers additional information in the reading.  This card is pulled after the working card has been drawn.


  • Artwork is wonderful.
  • Cards are accurate.
  • Wonderful to see something different in a deck.


  • Can be a bit problematic wondering were to put the power (gold) card in a relatively large spread.
  • May miss doing the reading as I am admiring the wonderful artwork.

I resonate with this deck so much as I live on “woodland” and I love fairies – as if you didn’t know.

I want to now get the Celtic Ogham deck by the same artist as this deck as it is a pleasure to look at his artwork.  Plus I find Oghams and Runes appealing to me somehow.  A result of living what used to be woodlands?

I hope you find this review interesting and the cards are cheaper than your average oracle, so what’s stopping you purchasing this wonderful deck.

Until next time.

Janine (Ari)



2 responses to “Review of Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards

  1. I don’t understand the meaning of each of the cards…. To me they all are basically saying the same things, to accept change, to believe in oneself and great things will happen, moving forward etc. I have asked different type of questions and the messages I get from the cards are all the same… accepting change, moving forward etc…..Is there a specific way in asking these cards a question? I have followed what the booklet told me to do, yet I feel as if they aren’t the sort of cards I really need for the questions I have in mind.

    • To me, the different fae are linked to trees & plants. Maybe if you see the cards all the same, look to the energies of the plant. They’re distinct enough and read up on flower essences. I feel for you Rebecca, it maybe a more subtle energy that the deck will address. I trust that can help a little. Let me know how you get on.

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