Review of Oracle of the Mermaids

Namaste everyone

After waiting a while for my prize to arrive, I finally have the Oracle of the Mermaids which I won on the deck launch.  Without further ado, we shall begin.


This deck is by Lucy Cavendish with artwork by Selina Fenech.  I adored the artwork of the Wild Wisdom of the Faery, and I needed a mermaid oracle.  As I adored the faery oracle, I looked for a deck, the Doreen Virtue deck didn’t interest me or speak to me.  Then I discovered this deck was soon to be published!  The rest as they say is history!

This deck has the most wonderful artwork which really brings alive this deck and I am doing a feel time review as I am using the deck as we type.  A couple of stunning cards I will show you.

Divine Sensuality

This card is amazing and you can feel the love in this card.

The Selkie & Her Skin

This card really speaks to me as well, maybe it is something to do with the fact that this is related to where I am.

The deck overall is stunning and it has a picture of a mermaid with a golden ribbon on the back of the card and the card stock is nice a flexible.


  • This deck has amazing art.
  • The guidebook divinations have been given spot on readings.


  • In the guidebook, there is “Reversals” before “Divination”, I use the guidebook to learn the decks.  This is confusing as I am wondering, what and where is the reversals meant to go?!
  • Card and guidebook meanings are a bit at odds, as what is written on the card is not mentioned in the information in the guidebook.   Card 9 seems to be highlighted for this.

That really was my issues with this rather amazing (as ever with Lucy’s decks) and wonderful guidance you obtain with this deck.

I shall leave you to view the wonderful art, I am really sorry I had to put the two issues out, but ironing out these minor problems and maybe getting guidance will help me to enjoy and use this deck even better!

Until the next review!

Janine (Ari)

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