Review of the Journey Oracle

Aloha everyone!

This is a review of the rather excellent oracle by Adrienne Trafford.

Journey oracle

This box it is in is a lovely hinged box with ribbon and it is like shut and held shut.  Unusual but lovely touch.

Onto the cards, they are of an excellent card stock and the cards are of decent sizing also.  I LOVE the artwork off this deck.


Love the steampunk effect of the card as it is a lady who looks half human and half steampunk borg.

Queen of Hearts

I am drawn to this card a lot myself as the card is so pretty!


  • Sturdy card.
  • Beautiful artwork.
  • Readings with the cards have been accurate and have shocked people.


  • Unable to read as I am busy gazing at the artwork.

This deck all in all have exceeded my expectations of it.  The artwork is wonderful.  The cardstock is nice and strong.  And, finally, the most important aspect of the cards is the readings.  They’re been accurate and been amazing.

I adore this deck.

Love and hugs.




Review of the Kalachakra Oracle

Namaste all

Here is a review of the Kalachakra oracle by Lo Scarabeo.


The deck is quite small and has 32 cards in the deck.  A couple of examples of the cards.


And there is also Alokes

As you can see from the cards it is a VERY small cards deck, you can read both upright and reversed with the deck.


  • It is interesting to see a deck with other deities than the normal fairies, angels etc.
  • The artwork in the cards is lovely and is what attracted me to the oracle, as it is a big out of the norm.


  • Cards are perhaps too small for some people to shuffle.
  • Card quality is as a typical Llewellyn deck, so it is not thick.
  • Card meanings in the book is wayyyyyy to short to give a professional reading with as you are learning the deck.

I wanted to get this deck as I have been drawn to it, I love the artwork of the deck and I feel it does have purpose, I am sad in the lacking of the information for the interpretations to get to know the card.  Short and sweet, so I would advise to use this deck with another for readings as the energy seems to work a LOT better that way.

I have a whole heap of oracle cards coming in so it will be thick and fast.

Love and hugs



Review of Universal Wisdom Deck

After owning a good number of Blue Angel decks, I thought it was time for another purchase, this time I would get Universal Wisdom by Toni Carmine Solerno.


I was humming and haying with purchasing this deck.  I just bit the bullet and bought the deck.

Well I am happy with my purchase and some of the deck cards are amazing.


This card is adorable and I love the imagery of this card.


Unlike most decks, there are some cards in this deck which are longways rather than straight up and down, but there is a beautiful one way butterfly on the back of the cards which you can use for reference to pack the deck.


  • These cards are VERY simple to read on.
  • Accurate.
  • Lovely artwork.


  • A good few of the cards have artwork with naked women.

I believe from what I have heard, a lot of Toni’s decks have nudity in them, so if you are selective of nudity, I would suggest to not use this deck for the sheer number of nudity in the cards.

If you don’t mind a bit of flesh in your cards, then this is the deck for you.  A lovely deck, so much so that I have the Gaia deck by the same artist on its way to me.  So looking forward to seeing both cards.

There will be a lapse in the reviews as I am waiting for a haul of decks to come in.

Until next time



Physics demonstrations: Chladni patterns

This is in interesting blog post and somewhat into my field of energy and flower essence healing! Thank you to the post author for this. 🙂 Out of the lab, but still a geek!

Skulls in the Stars

A good demonstration of a physical phenomenon should be both insightful and exciting.  Sometimes, a demonstration succeeds at both so well that it is practically awe-inspiring.  Such is the case, for me, with the demonstration of Chladni patterns, exotic and beautiful vibration figures that can be displayed with the help of just a little sand.

The demonstration of a couple of Chladni patterns are shown in the video below.  A metal plate, supported by a post in its center, is vibrated at a single frequency by use of a mechanical driver.  For most frequencies, nothing at all happens; when certain special frequencies are hit, however, standing waves appear on the plate, driving the sand away from the points of large vibration to the points of no vibration.  By varying the frequency of oscillation, we can find a large number of the so-called resonance frequencies and their accompanying patterns, which become…

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