Review of Universal Wisdom Deck

After owning a good number of Blue Angel decks, I thought it was time for another purchase, this time I would get Universal Wisdom by Toni Carmine Solerno.


I was humming and haying with purchasing this deck.  I just bit the bullet and bought the deck.

Well I am happy with my purchase and some of the deck cards are amazing.


This card is adorable and I love the imagery of this card.


Unlike most decks, there are some cards in this deck which are longways rather than straight up and down, but there is a beautiful one way butterfly on the back of the cards which you can use for reference to pack the deck.


  • These cards are VERY simple to read on.
  • Accurate.
  • Lovely artwork.


  • A good few of the cards have artwork with naked women.

I believe from what I have heard, a lot of Toni’s decks have nudity in them, so if you are selective of nudity, I would suggest to not use this deck for the sheer number of nudity in the cards.

If you don’t mind a bit of flesh in your cards, then this is the deck for you.  A lovely deck, so much so that I have the Gaia deck by the same artist on its way to me.  So looking forward to seeing both cards.

There will be a lapse in the reviews as I am waiting for a haul of decks to come in.

Until next time



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