Review of the Kalachakra Oracle

Namaste all

Here is a review of the Kalachakra oracle by Lo Scarabeo.


The deck is quite small and has 32 cards in the deck.  A couple of examples of the cards.


And there is also Alokes

As you can see from the cards it is a VERY small cards deck, you can read both upright and reversed with the deck.


  • It is interesting to see a deck with other deities than the normal fairies, angels etc.
  • The artwork in the cards is lovely and is what attracted me to the oracle, as it is a big out of the norm.


  • Cards are perhaps too small for some people to shuffle.
  • Card quality is as a typical Llewellyn deck, so it is not thick.
  • Card meanings in the book is wayyyyyy to short to give a professional reading with as you are learning the deck.

I wanted to get this deck as I have been drawn to it, I love the artwork of the deck and I feel it does have purpose, I am sad in the lacking of the information for the interpretations to get to know the card.  Short and sweet, so I would advise to use this deck with another for readings as the energy seems to work a LOT better that way.

I have a whole heap of oracle cards coming in so it will be thick and fast.

Love and hugs



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