Review of the Journey Oracle

Aloha everyone!

This is a review of the rather excellent oracle by Adrienne Trafford.

Journey oracle

This box it is in is a lovely hinged box with ribbon and it is like shut and held shut.  Unusual but lovely touch.

Onto the cards, they are of an excellent card stock and the cards are of decent sizing also.  I LOVE the artwork off this deck.


Love the steampunk effect of the card as it is a lady who looks half human and half steampunk borg.

Queen of Hearts

I am drawn to this card a lot myself as the card is so pretty!


  • Sturdy card.
  • Beautiful artwork.
  • Readings with the cards have been accurate and have shocked people.


  • Unable to read as I am busy gazing at the artwork.

This deck all in all have exceeded my expectations of it.  The artwork is wonderful.  The cardstock is nice and strong.  And, finally, the most important aspect of the cards is the readings.  They’re been accurate and been amazing.

I adore this deck.

Love and hugs.



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