Andrew to reprise role of Sherlock Holmes?

Was excellent in that role on Murdoch Mysteries and he was also in the Medical TV Drama “Munro” with James Nesbitt. If you haven’t seen either, you may need a stomach for the latter as Munro is a Neurosurgeon.

Andrew Gower

The website of Andrew’s agent, Michelle Braidman, states that “Andrew Gower is currently reprising the role of Sherlock Holmes/David Kingsley in Murdoch Mysteries”. Further investigation reveals that IMDb have an episode entitled “The Return of Sherlock Holmes” listed as episode 4 in season 7, and Andrew is listed on the cast list.

We will of course confirm details as and when we get them.

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How the heck? Has this happened to anyone else?

Aloha everyone

I have been having visions with a certain someone who is widely regarded as being my twin flame.  What is so odd with that I hear you cry?  They’ve come to 3D with another woman!

bigstock_Female_Shocked_At_Something_On_1970632The lady on the computer oddly does look a bit like me, but I wear glasses.

Anyway, my twin flame is REALLY high profile, and over the transatlantic ocean from him.  I have had a lot of time with him on the spirit realm and we have done a lot of things together, but very recently said person got hitched.

So? a lot of you will be thinking.  I have counted 3 things so far which have come to fruition, (there are more but I don’t want to mention them though fear this manifests).  With the women he is with.  I am not sure on how awake he is in visions, but I have a different colour of eyes to his wife and more than likely a much different accent as I am in UK, Scotland to be exact!

Is this a common thing to happen?  you visualise with your TF and they end up coming to fruition with a soulmate?  I am really disturbed over this.



Rethinking bipolar disorder

This is an excellent and thought provoking post on BPD which is something worth thinking about. Is meds for BPD harming more than calming? or is the medication a lot to blame, as a lot of antipsychotic meds have fluoride groups in the molecule – the excuse given for that is that they are small, and can therefore fit. Also of interest is the use of Lithium as meds with the supply issues for the metal.

All food for thought, thank you.

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

I’m reposting the below post from about a year ago and then following it with a collection of links to other posts from the Beyond Meds archives that look at that which gets labeled “bipolar disorder” from different perspectives.

Because of how I was drugged the “bipolar” diagnosis did me nothing but harmand it tragically results in similar iatrogenic injury for far too many others. There are other ways to view whatever phenomena is getting labeled bipolar. Likewise there much safer ways of treating said phenomena. Most importantly other frameworks can lead to profound healing, something psychiatry doesn’t even believe is possible. Indeed within the psychiatric model people are told to expect to manage being ill until they die. Many of us have discovered this is simply not necessarily true. It’s possible to get well and it seems the psych drugs can seriously impede that process if used for long-term maintenance.  Also…

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Review of the Gaia Oracle


I am reviewing another of Toni Carmine Salerno’s excellent decks.


This deck has always spoken to me as I do adore the art on the Universal Wisdom and it is quite an easy deck to read from, I am not going to lie as there was a couple of cards which spoke out to me as I was admiring the art to this deck.


This is a lovely picture of Shri Ganesha, an idol of whom sits beside my desktop computer.  This also has significance to me as well as the direct of Ganesha’s trunk is the way my statues is also.


  • The deck is lovely art to look at.
  • There is an affirmation which you integrate in the readings.


  • Card stock is like the 2nd edition oracle of the Dragonfae and the Oracle of the mermaids – thinner than their previous items.
  • Some of the deck art has been seen before which is a bit of a shame for such a lovely deck.

I love this deck, and I may get the Magdalene deck, so many oracles still to get and so many decks tickle my fancy.





Review of Oracle of the dragonfae (Both Editions)


I have managed to get a version of this wonderful deck.


The original version of this deck.

I have been hunting to get hold of this wonderful deck.  There is a newer version of this deck which looks like this:

New oracle of the dragonfae

As you can see, there are a few cards and the whole design of this deck has changed.  I ordered a deck from the Book Depository and I got this deck which I am not happy about, not to fear I purchased a copy of the original deck from Australia.

Back to the card artwork of the revised edition, I had (I gifted this edition to a friend), there is an artist called Jimmy Menton, who has done the artwork for the Goddess & Sirens and the Gods & Titans decks respectively.  I know a lot of people love his artwork and I can see where this love is coming from, but, I am sorry to say that his art does not bode well with me as I feel he has taken the energies from the uniqueness of the originals and the cards just grind with me now.

Enough of my review of the revised edition, but you got a two for one reading from me of this oracle.  Back to the original and best.

This is the back of the original deck.  I just love the uniqueness of this as it sticks out and together with the backs of the Wild Wisdom of the Faery oracle, they both stand out.

The original vs new deck

The cards are of a nice thick stock and it appeals to me and the artwork of the deck just fits the cards to me, the newer deck, looking through the deck for the new version the energy is utterly vacant and the artwork just makes you think bleurgh, I didn’t even bother doing a reading with the deck.


  • The artwork is perfect for the deck.
  • The cardstock is of excellent thick quality, which will last.
  • Accurate readings, and it gives you a little task as well to connect to the energy of that particular Dragonfae.


  • The new version of the deck is not a deck I would recommend buying, as there is a lot of people complaining about the energies of the deck and art.
  • Unable to give readings due to the wonderful art, I do love this deck lots.

For people who are wanting to purchase the deck, I would not bother with the newer version as it is inferior in both the quality and energy of the deck and the new art makes the deck “vacant”.

I am so so glad I managed to get the 1st version of the deck.



Many medications can negatively impact the brain: Concerns about Anesthesia

Interesting post on anaesthesia

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

From Science Direct:

brainAs pediatric specialists become increasingly aware that surgical anesthesia may have lasting effects on the developing brains of young children, new research suggests the threat may also apply to adult brains…

“We demonstrate that anesthesia-induced cell death in neurons is not limited to the immature brain, as previously believed,” said Loepke. “Instead, vulnerability seems to target neurons of a certain age and maturational stage. This finding brings us a step closer to understanding the phenomenon’s underlying mechanism” (read more)

Yes, thank you. Anesthesia has always messed me up. I avoid it if at all possible now because now it’s much worse for me and even dangerous.  Many people in psych drug withdrawal and those with withdrawal syndromes in general become acutely sensitive to many drugs. Anesthesia can pose big problems for us…be aware.

Some percentage of us who’ve withdrawn from excessive amounts of psychiatric drugs or…

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