Review of Oracle of the dragonfae (Both Editions)


I have managed to get a version of this wonderful deck.


The original version of this deck.

I have been hunting to get hold of this wonderful deck.  There is a newer version of this deck which looks like this:

New oracle of the dragonfae

As you can see, there are a few cards and the whole design of this deck has changed.  I ordered a deck from the Book Depository and I got this deck which I am not happy about, not to fear I purchased a copy of the original deck from Australia.

Back to the card artwork of the revised edition, I had (I gifted this edition to a friend), there is an artist called Jimmy Menton, who has done the artwork for the Goddess & Sirens and the Gods & Titans decks respectively.  I know a lot of people love his artwork and I can see where this love is coming from, but, I am sorry to say that his art does not bode well with me as I feel he has taken the energies from the uniqueness of the originals and the cards just grind with me now.

Enough of my review of the revised edition, but you got a two for one reading from me of this oracle.  Back to the original and best.

This is the back of the original deck.  I just love the uniqueness of this as it sticks out and together with the backs of the Wild Wisdom of the Faery oracle, they both stand out.

The original vs new deck

The cards are of a nice thick stock and it appeals to me and the artwork of the deck just fits the cards to me, the newer deck, looking through the deck for the new version the energy is utterly vacant and the artwork just makes you think bleurgh, I didn’t even bother doing a reading with the deck.


  • The artwork is perfect for the deck.
  • The cardstock is of excellent thick quality, which will last.
  • Accurate readings, and it gives you a little task as well to connect to the energy of that particular Dragonfae.


  • The new version of the deck is not a deck I would recommend buying, as there is a lot of people complaining about the energies of the deck and art.
  • Unable to give readings due to the wonderful art, I do love this deck lots.

For people who are wanting to purchase the deck, I would not bother with the newer version as it is inferior in both the quality and energy of the deck and the new art makes the deck “vacant”.

I am so so glad I managed to get the 1st version of the deck.



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