Review of the Gaia Oracle


I am reviewing another of Toni Carmine Salerno’s excellent decks.


This deck has always spoken to me as I do adore the art on the Universal Wisdom and it is quite an easy deck to read from, I am not going to lie as there was a couple of cards which spoke out to me as I was admiring the art to this deck.


This is a lovely picture of Shri Ganesha, an idol of whom sits beside my desktop computer.  This also has significance to me as well as the direct of Ganesha’s trunk is the way my statues is also.


  • The deck is lovely art to look at.
  • There is an affirmation which you integrate in the readings.


  • Card stock is like the 2nd edition oracle of the Dragonfae and the Oracle of the mermaids – thinner than their previous items.
  • Some of the deck art has been seen before which is a bit of a shame for such a lovely deck.

I love this deck, and I may get the Magdalene deck, so many oracles still to get and so many decks tickle my fancy.





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