Rethinking bipolar disorder

This is an excellent and thought provoking post on BPD which is something worth thinking about. Is meds for BPD harming more than calming? or is the medication a lot to blame, as a lot of antipsychotic meds have fluoride groups in the molecule – the excuse given for that is that they are small, and can therefore fit. Also of interest is the use of Lithium as meds with the supply issues for the metal.

All food for thought, thank you.

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

I’m reposting the below post from about a year ago and then following it with a collection of links to other posts from the Beyond Meds archives that look at that which gets labeled “bipolar disorder” from different perspectives.

Because of how I was drugged the “bipolar” diagnosis did me nothing but harmand it tragically results in similar iatrogenic injury for far too many others. There are other ways to view whatever phenomena is getting labeled bipolar. Likewise there much safer ways of treating said phenomena. Most importantly other frameworks can lead to profound healing, something psychiatry doesn’t even believe is possible. Indeed within the psychiatric model people are told to expect to manage being ill until they die. Many of us have discovered this is simply not necessarily true. It’s possible to get well and it seems the psych drugs can seriously impede that process if used for long-term maintenance.  Also…

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