How the heck? Has this happened to anyone else?

Aloha everyone

I have been having visions with a certain someone who is widely regarded as being my twin flame.  What is so odd with that I hear you cry?  They’ve come to 3D with another woman!

bigstock_Female_Shocked_At_Something_On_1970632The lady on the computer oddly does look a bit like me, but I wear glasses.

Anyway, my twin flame is REALLY high profile, and over the transatlantic ocean from him.  I have had a lot of time with him on the spirit realm and we have done a lot of things together, but very recently said person got hitched.

So? a lot of you will be thinking.  I have counted 3 things so far which have come to fruition, (there are more but I don’t want to mention them though fear this manifests).  With the women he is with.  I am not sure on how awake he is in visions, but I have a different colour of eyes to his wife and more than likely a much different accent as I am in UK, Scotland to be exact!

Is this a common thing to happen?  you visualise with your TF and they end up coming to fruition with a soulmate?  I am really disturbed over this.



2 responses to “How the heck? Has this happened to anyone else?

  1. Yes – I had this happen when my Twin did a stint on a show and I get seeing him turning up to see me doing the very things he would do on the show – I would see these things BEFORE the show aired. It was freaky! 🙂 x

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