The Benefit Cap Would Not Be Popular If People Knew The Truth About The So-Called Safety Net

This is what is happening now in my country!

the void

IDS-homeless-children“Another characteristic of support for the Benefit Cap was that many who knew little or nothing about the policy before completing the survey still expressed an opinion (largely in support of it).”

The Benefit Cap: Public Perceptions and Pre-implementation by Ipsos Mori (PDF).

A lack of understanding of the harsh realities of the so-called safety net of social security is not confined to those who are privileged enough to never have had to make use of it.  Even those who have depended on social security of some form in the past are often not aware of just how much things have changed for the worse.

This is why the myth persists of people lazing around on the dole picking up vast cheques every fortnight.  In reality benefits have shrunk far faster than even the lowest wages over the years and now barely pay for a subsistence lifestyle.  Far from sitting…

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