My spirituality – Seems I am meant to be Asatru!

Hello everyone.

I started out on this journey as an astaru mainly and I have had revelations recently that I am to return to the path.  I wear my rune under my pentacle.


My mother deity Skadi.

Was the initial goddess who came to me when I started on this path.  I am returning to this and I and wondering if she is my Goddess again on this spirit path.


My Father deity Odin

I have always been drawn to Odin as I am interested in my beloved runes and I keep seeing black birds which may be Odin’s 2 birds Huginn and Muninn.  I still am devoted to Odin but it was on the back burner.  Some people reading this may recall me talking about a black cat with green eyes suddenly appearing in my house, I thought I heard my guide say – “Here’s Loki to see you.” He is a shapeshifter and I have seen him before, noticeable by his red eyes!

It won’t effect my ability to do readings, but you may see an increase in me doing my beloved runes, but there is a deck I like  “The Power of Runes” published by US Games inc. which I am trying to get my mitts on and I have recently won a bid on the Northern Shadows Tarot which has Norse stuff in it!

Thank you universe, just to get my beloved twin flame sorted out!  Nice to be back where I belong.

Blessings to all



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