Blank Agreements At JobCentre Plus- PLEASE READ

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Same Difference

Spotted here. I think this is very important. Please share everywhere.

The story below was sent to UnemployedNet by a jobseeker who was unhappy with the service she received from her local jobcentre.

She was made to sign a blank jobseeker’s agreement in a session with others who were also made to do the same thing.

The agreement is an important document for unemployed people; it acts as a contract between them and their jobcentre, and any failure to meet its conditions can lead to benefits being taken away.

Other jobseekers will not be surprised that her complaint about this breach of decent practice was met with a flat denial that it took place.

Longer-term readers will remember UnemployedNet’s reports on sanctions targets in the spring; despite official rejections that targets existed an internal Department for Work and Pensions report found that, in some areas, they had been used, meaning…

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