Doctor Who: 10 amazing things that happened in The Night of the Doctor minisode

My favey Doctor!!!


Have you watched Doctor Who’s The Night of the Doctor yet – the seven minute minisode that ties in with The Day of the Doctor?

If not, go and watch it now because this contains spoilers.

So, it was great that The Sisterhood of Karn (below) made a return, right? (The Sisterhood featured in a Tom Baker story called the Brain or Morbius).

And big sister Ohila’s face was basically my face watching The Night of the Doctor, because… (spoilers!)

sisterhood of karn 2

This happened!

‘I’m the Doctor, but probably not the one you were expecting.’

mcgann outfit

Yup. That’s right, Paul McGann, the eighth Doctor, is back.

Frankly the minisode was seven minutes’ worth of shocks and delights. Here are my favourite moments.

1. The outfit

Love the frock coat, love the waistcoat, love the necktie (neckties are cool) and the S-belt too. The shirt bears a slight resemblance to Patrick Troughton’s scruffy attire…

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