Loki will be Loved.

Sacred Iceland

Loki will be Loved..

My friend Tanisha’s article about Loki 🙂

I resonated with her description of Loki as a god who cares for people who have been abused. I would extend that to encompass people who have been placed out the outskirts of society for any reason.

I see a lot of people who have suffered hardships at the hands of others be picked up by Loki: People who have suffered abuse and been left on the outside of “normalcy”, people who suffer from mental or chronic illness that mark them as “other”; Gay and transexual people who go against the grain of what our gendered society expects from them; People who have suffered racial segregation and discrimination. Loki takes them in, seeing beauty in all of them. But he doesn’t coddle you and tell you he’ll make everything ok. Because he loves the being you are so much…

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