Polish Number Station Stereosound Oddity

Hello everyone

I don’t often talk about this on here, but this is the only blog platform I can upload the audio I am referring to.

I have a slightly unusual interest in number stations.  These are stations used by government spy agencies to contact their spies.  I could go on all day about Number Stations.  Anyways, I noticed a rather interesting phenomena and I know the Polish Spy Agency has two channels for their two voice stations – E11 or E11a, and the slavic station S11a.  So I thought I would put this out into the open to see what you guys think.  Fellow number station enthusiasts, would this be due to these two channels or something else?

Exhibit 1:

E11, 1155 UTC or 1255 BST.  Frequency is 15915 KHz on the 15th October 2014.  (The audio starts at about 00:38)

First occurrence of this

Exhibit 2:

E11.  0315 UTC or 0415 BST.  Frequency is 7850 KHz on the 16th Octoner 2014.  It is behind the Canadian Time signal.

Second time, with the time Canadian Time Signal

Exhibit 3:

E11.  1155 UTC or 1255 BST.  Frequency is 15915 KHz on the same day as the second recording.

Last recording

Do we have something new, or a naughty Polish operator opening up two channels, it has done this wierd double broadcast, but this was entire broadcast.

Let me know what you think.

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