A thought on my deities

As of late I have been feeling more for the Norse god Loki.


I have seen Loki look like this. At least Marvel did something decent with Loki.

Most people think Loki is someone who is not someone to be trusted, yet I have seen him a few times on the spirit realm.  So why does he get such a bad rap?

Interestingly, people have mentioned about how the other gods went after his children, so were they provoking him to responding.  The more I think about it, the more I understand his story.

How his story applies to modern life

As mentioned above, Loki is not one to be trusted, according to many asatruers.  But is this not more  relevant  now a days as many government officials purposely lie to gain a response.  So the fact that Loki is a trickster and I am aware of a lot of this tricking out of spirituality in new age  philosophies  when a lot of their own teachings are flawed.

Could it be people themselves being blind to what is going on.  If your children were being hunted and provoked, you would feel a teeny bit peeved as well.  The message for me with Loki is:

  • To be aware of false teachings, which in turn hinder your own spiritual development.  I feel an energy of being observant of what you are learning.
  • Society as a whole is being corrupted and you never get the true stats and information from people in government or civil servant roles.  If they do wrong, they get their jobs back again.

The Devil & Loki

This is from the Crystal Visions Tarot with Jennifer Galasso.

This is from the Crystal Visions Tarot with Jennifer Galasso.

People has said Loki is likened to the Devil and I see this card in tarot as the card which is about enjoying the sensations of life and feeling your truths.  For me, Loki is about listening to your inner self and don’t get sucked into trickery by false gurus.

Interesting to see that the “Devil” has the horns which look like a Viking helmet.  This chap is engaging in the  pleasures  of looking at a naked lady.  I am feeling strongly the apples are the sweetness of this experience in life.  We feel pleasure as much as pain and we are not to feel guilty about this as we are living in the physical realm which is required of us to live and engage in the world around us.  In our society pleasure and gain seems to be forbidden.  Could this be my message from Loki?

Another male god I resonate with is Odin.

How I see Odin.  I seriously don't see him in his war clothes.

How I see Odin. I seriously don’t see him in his war clothes.

When I am often on my travels, I often see a couple of generic blackbirds following me.  As of late, I have not seen these birds around me, so I know Odin is not with me.  I am more thinking that he is my personal rune teacher.

I never have resonated much with the pictures of him in this viking helmet and dressed for battle.  Maybe as I am more a vanir in the nature loving?  Skadi found me and as I am interested into natural health, it seems like sense to be with a Vanir goddess.

Interesting thoughts about some deities.