The smoking gun for jabs


I recently seen this video which as an antivaxer, already know that jabs are useless .  The video below confirms my stance.





When you are trying to tell the truth

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Today I will be talking about trying to get the message across over the use of drugs and jabs / shots in poisoning / maiming and killing people.

When Doctors etc are unwilling to listen to you

When Doctors etc are unwilling to listen to you

So, I am in the middle of doing some pharmacology studies and I am trying to get the message across regarding what general niceties there are in jabs.  They are as listed below:

All the stuff in shots (US) or jabs (UK) which your doctor doesn't tell you about.

All the stuff in shots (US) or jabs (UK) which your doctor doesn’t tell you about.

So you go your doctors office / surgery  and you get your vial and get the vaccine.  But do you ever wonder if there was any proper testing of the stuff which is in the jabs.  (The list above).

You try and mention to people that the metals which they use in the jabs are harmful as they accumulate – someone (who shall remain nameless for their privacy as well 🙂 ) mentioned that some associations of diseases which occur in aged people that the metal which is found in the jab actually DECREASES the level of the mental found in the brain.  In this case Aluminium.  lets check a database in how aluminium reacts in the body:

Data taken from here

Aluminium is poorly absorbed by the body. Little of the element that gets into the body through normal action remains. Aluminium has never been found to be toxic except under quite unusual conditions of exposure. At present, there is no direct clinical or experimental evidence that aluminium is neurotoxic
under ordinary conditions of environmental exposure.

The HSE recommended long-term exposure limits(eight-hour time weighted average) for aluminium metal and oxide in the air is 10mgm-3 – the same as for all other “nuisance dust”. However, inhalation of any dust or fumes should be avoided. It is understood that aluminium metal and oxide along with many other substances will be reviewed by ACTS/WATCH. Until they are reviewed, exposure should be kept as low as reasonably practicable and the above limit should be used as guidance for the control of exposure.
At high temperatures e.g. in steel making, alloying elements or impurities such as magnesium, zinc and lead will volatilise and give rise to fumes. Where fuming occurs, local extraction may be necessary to ensure compliance with the required exposure limits.”

Interesting the have an eight hour time limit average.

Why are they not telling us?

The government ‘bodies’ is not going to tell us about the whole thing in particular with the fear aspect to the, ‘It will prevent me from such a dangerous illness’ when in actual reality, the ‘illness’ can be easily treated with herbs.

Update 22/4/13

Now in another paper – trends immunobiology, they are referring to the aluminium adjuvant being contaminated with iron?!  What is going on?  We know Iron is in the blood cells – (red blood cells or erythrocytes).  Is the components of the jab going directly in the blood cells and therefore the bone marrow?  Is this something that the drug companies don’t want to tell us?  I suggest that people read up on this.

More will come if and when I get hold of more documents.

Good reading!