Mayer Eisenstein files for bankruptcy…again

I have been hearing in the antivaxing community about this man’s death. I can’t help but feel this is linked in somewhere. I think although he has a good message, He is very shading somewhere.

Left Brain Right Brain

Mayer Eisenstein is a go-to person in the vaccines-cause-autism community. He heads a large practice in the Chicago area and claims that his unvaccinated children do not have autism. He also was or is a part of the “Lupron Franchise”—a group of practitioners who took on the Geier idea that shutting down sex hormone production in autistics could be a treatment. It was a profoundly bad idea.

Mayer Eisenstein was the subject of an article in the Chicago Tribune: Autism doctor: Troubling record trails doctor treating autism. From that article:

Yet his suburban Chicago practice, currently known as Homefirst, garnered an alarming record: It was on the losing side of one of the largest U.S. jury verdicts — $30 million — ever awarded to the family of a newborn in a wrongful-death suit.

In court records dating back three decades, the families of dead and brain-damaged children repeatedly alleged…

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Pauline Got Promoted! DWP Management Psychobabble Is Turning Jobcentres Into Cults

the void

pauline-pensIf you want an example of the glassy-eyed idiots currently handed senior positions at the DWP then the twitter feed of the regional manager responsible for 149 Jobcentres in Central England is a good place to start.

When not attending tax payer funded leadership and emotional intelligence workshops, Sandra Lambert seems to spend most of her day tweeting ‘inspirational’ claptrap from her feed @CEDirector_WSD
The most disturbing thing is that she is not alone. This nonsense seems to extend across DWP management.

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5 Steps to Getting to Know God/dess Through Lovemaking

Love Dove Tarot


Are you ready for the next step in lovemaking? There is getting turned on… and then there is getting the full fireworks going! If you’re just after getting wet/hard and having and orgasm, this article isn’t for you. There is a different beginning, middle and end to sacred (tantric) love-making. It’s optional to be fully present when you have sex but in Tantra or Sacred Sexuality full embodiment of the Soul is what brings about sacred union and allows you to experience the divinity of your partner.

So how can you become fully present and start experiencing the full presence of your Beloved? How do you embody God/dess and SEE God/dess in the Other? In essence, how do experience the bliss of sacred union which by far transcends a normal orgasm?

1. Slow down. Use your breath to slow right down. As you get turned on, the normal physiological…

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